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Summer TV, or Why I'm Pale

Does anybody miss the days when summer television was purely reruns, when you could casually catch up on the year's sitcoms in between backyard BBQs and late-evening trips to cool down with an Italian ice?  I actually wouldn't mind forgetting about TV for a few months, but instead, my DVR is still working overtime.  With audiences irrefutably fragmented, programming now runs year-round, for better or for worse.  Thankfully, there are a few shows that I don't mind watching while hibernating in the air conditioning. 

True Blood
HBO | Sundays 9/8c

In Alan Ball's hands, vampires don't suck. (Wow, really?)  True Blood is pure campy fun, and there are plenty of hot bodies bringing steam to the screen.  I trust that the overwhelming amount of new characters and storylines will come together in some sort of cross-species orgy. 

Lie to Me
Fox | Mondays 8/7c

Tim Roth is excellent as Cal Lightman, an expert in deception through scrutiny of facial expressions and body language. His skill set makes him a useful asset to the federal government and a frequent target of people he's burned in the past.  A bit far-fetched at times, but sharp dialogue and Roth's work with his co-stars keeps it fresh.  

Burn Notice
USA | Thursdays 9/8c

If you haven't caught on to the sexy spy show by season 4, you deserve to be blacklisted by the government.  The combination of sly comedy, big action, and unfeasible escapes makes for a fast ride agaisnt a sexy Miami backdrop.  And who wouldn't want Bruce Campbell and his chin on their side?

Top Chef D.C.
Bravo | Wednesdays 9/8c

Tom and Padma are back for season 7 of the best competition reality show on the air, this time in the nation's capital.  From the looks of last night's premiere, we have another cocky cook in Angelo.  I'm also happy to see more African American chefs than in past seasons.

ABC | Tuesdays 8/7c

Now here's a lighthearted summer gem.  There is nothing funnier than watching people fall.  Wipeout provides endless belly laughs as contestants try to conquer a ridiculous but difficult obstacle course.  John Anderson and John Henson are alternately sympathetic and sadistic, but the ultimate selling point: Big. Red. Balls.

So, while I will try to cut down on my hours in front of the idiot box in favor of more active summer pursuits, I'm more than happy to trade in my Full House and Seinfeld reruns for some quality original programming. 

What are you watching this summer?

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Reader Comments (4)

First, let me just say that the subtitle of this post, "Why I'm Pale" cracks me up.

Second (and last), I just want to point out that you missed the ONLY TV show I'm excited for this summer: Mad Men. Do you not watch it, with all the media you consume? If you don't, you should. It's incredible.

June 17, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSarah

I love Wipe Out so much!

June 18, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJess

Would you really classify True Blood as "campy?" I just started watching and got caught up before season 3.

July 21, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDziewit

Sarah - Mad Men is one of the few shows I haven't caught up on yet, so I didn't share your breathless anticipation of the season 4 debut. I hope Hamm still killed it.

Jess - Wipeout is ballsmazing.

Dziewit - True Blood is campy because it's more silly than scary, more sexy too. That show knows what it is.

July 27, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterAdam

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