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Moving: Phase 1 Complete

It’s been a busy month for me.  Moving from Chicago to the suburbs of Philadelphia was a big move that had been a long time coming.  Thankfully, all the logistics worked out as smoothly as possible.  I rolled out of Chicago the same way I rolled in, nearly six years ago. 

Somehow all this and more fit into my Elantra.Special shout-outs to Nick for his help unloading furniture and Amanda and Scott for opening their home.  And of course to Dave, the best roommate ever, for helping with the Tetris-like packing of the car, not to mention the four great years of cohabitation.

There were so many people who made my last few months (and years) in Chicago special, and I know I spent that time exactly as I wanted to, the best way possible.  I drank in deep the liquor of Chicago summer, and created special memories to the very last minute.

It was appropriate that the Phillies were in town during my last weekend in Chicago, and Wrigley Field became a natural canvas for my transition.  One night I went to a game with Chicago friends, and then the next day met up with friends visiting from Philly.  I was in both worlds for those few days, and that made things a bit easier, but still bittersweet.   

I’m looking forward to my life in Philly, and there’s plenty to do as I try to find work and an apartment, but I definitely felt sad as I wrapped up this chapter in Chicago.  As I’ve been reflecting on that time, I thought I’d share an incomplete list of some of my favorite memories and things that I’ll miss from life in the Windy City. 

  • Cruising down Lake Shore Drive
  • Day-drinking in Wrigleyville, game or no game
  • Nights downtown for birthdays or visitors
  • Watching Gators games with the Florida crew
  • Playing sports in the park
  • The New York Deli across the street from my apartment
  • Walking underneath the Bean
  • Trips to the suburbs
  • Movies at River East
  • Rooftop beer gardens
  • The Signature Lounge at the Hancock Center
  • Lollapalooza in Grant Park
  • St. Rita football on Friday nights
  • Sean’s Rhino Bar at 103rd and Western
  • Second-City Comedy
  • The back room at aliveOne
  • Team GOON
  • Concerts at Metro and the Vic Theatre
  • NFL Football at Trinity
  • Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup
  • The El and the Loop
  • Air & Water Show
  • St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawls

I could go on, as I’m sure many people could.  Feel free to add in the comments!

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Reader Comments (4)

and the volunteers obviously!

July 27, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterob

Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup??????? TRAITOR!

July 28, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterEmer

Watching the Eagles/Phillies beat the Cubs and Bears on their home fields.

July 29, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTurd Furgeson

And since the Hawks winning was so great, what about watching the White Sox winning the WS and getting inundated with "Don't Stop Believing". That, and living in the same city as OPRAH!!!

July 29, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTurd Furgeson

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