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Mark Price Art Exhibition in New York

As much as I enjoy trips to world-class museums like the Art Institute of Chicago, I often find myself thinking, “I should really get more into modern art.”  A perfect opportunity recently arose as I read about Philadelphia-based artist Mark Price’s second solo exhibition at Christina Ray gallery in New York City. 

"Designer End Game" © Mark PricePrice’s Designer End Game Strategies fits perfectly into Christina Ray’s focus on “pyschogeography,” artwork that explores the relationship between people and places.  This relationship permeates Price’s stark, detailed but ambiguous drawings and paintings.

Designer End Game Strategies features more than a dozen panels of acrylic ink and paint that share a bold, immediate, and dystopian aesthetic reflective of a society in catastrophe.  The works create a “state of emergency induced and performed by an irrational and panicked society. Bodies are sacrificed into abstract remains under the cultural mismanagement of capital and technology.”

"Navigation Through Ruined Surfaces" © Mark PriceIn a work like “Navigation Through Ruined Surfaces,” my interest is sparked by images that hint at the intersection of individual and community, where buildings and body parts are indistinguishable from each other.  The color palette of black and gray with splashes of pink and red is reflected throughout the collection, and further highlights the perceived clash of flesh and steel.

As it so happens, Price is a childhood friend of mine, so I was able to ask him a few questions about his work. 


What is your preferred choice of medium, and how does it influence your subject matter? 

I have been doing a lot of screen printing for the past several years and that process has informed my drawings and paintings, specifically in using flat fields of opaque color. I strive for a flatness in my application.

Who or what are your influences? 

Social interaction and organizational structures. Urban spaces and how they are controlled and can change.  Our mental projection of perceived spaces and moments. Boundaries, decay, and conquest set against voids, absence, and waste.

How would you describe the subject of your art? 

A destruction myth of the Non-Character.  The Non-Character as a body devoid of identities, corrupt and ruined with grotesque, exaggerated forms infused with a ubiquitous technology.  A catastrophic moment memorized and frozen as it repeats over and over again into an infinite field.

What are your impressions of the art scene in Philly / East Coast / America?  What are the challenges of promotion within it?

Philly seems really exciting right now but I think that the art scene probably mirrors many other cities with a similar size and economic climate.  There are tribes of young artists continually banding together, sharing resources, and creating spaces for opportunities to work, exhibit, and share. The East Coast is a great place to be working because of its connectivity to several urban centers up and down the coast including Boston, Providence, New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. This eases promotion because of the ability to make connections in cities close by with artists who may be doing similar projects.


Designer End Game Strategies runs through Sunday, May 23.

UPDATE: Exhibit extended through June 6

Christina Ray Gallery

30 Grand Street, Ground Floor
New York, NY 10013

Wednesday – Sunday, 12 – 6 p.m.

View and purchase more of Price’s work, including custom zines, at